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Jailbreak Your iPhone With BlackRa1n Tutorial

This step-by-step guide/tutorial will show you how to jailbreak your iPhone using BlackRa1n, the latest jailbreak tool by GeoHot. This BlackRa1n tutorial is for Windows and Mac. Note that this tutorial was written for a PC but the steps are identical for Mac.

Before we get started, I highly suggest you read this post I wrote earlier today. There are a few requirements and restrictions about BlackRa1n and it is very important you read and understand them all.

BlackRa1n will not unlock your iPhone. Also you should not update to 3.1.2 if you want to be able to unlock. If that’s your case, you will have to wait for the Dev Team to update PwnageTool.

This tutorial was written for an iPhone 3GS but the process is exactly the same for all iPhones and all iPod Touch.

UPDATE: BlackRa1n RC2 is out! Check out this tutorial for a step by step guide on how to jailbreak your iPhone or iPod Touch with BlackRa1n RC2.

How to Jailbreak Your iPhone Using BlackRain:

Step 1: Update iTunes to the latest version available and reboot your computer.

Step 2: Download BlackRa1n from our iPhone downloads page and install it, then reboot your PC (note that rebooting is not necessary but I always do this as a precaution).

Step 3: Plug your iPhone to your computer and launch BlackRa1n. Click on “make it ra1n”.

make it ra1n

Step 4: Your iPhone will now enter recovery mode. The regular recovery mode image on your iPhone will be replaced by a picture of GeoHot.

entering recovery

Step 5: BlackRa1n will run on your iPhone and then it will reboot.


A pop up will show up asking you to donate. If you successfully jailbreak your iPhone, I suggest you send $5 or $10 to GeoHot.

Step 6: Once your iPhone reboots, you will notice a new icon on your springboard. This is BlackRa1n. Now make sure you have internet connection and launch BlackRa1n on your iPhone.

blackra1n installed

Step 7: Choose what installer applications you want to install on your iPhone and then tap “Install”. I suggest only installing Cydia but you may install them all if you want to.

blackra1n app

BlackRa1n will download and install the selected applications.

Step 8: Once done installing, your iPhone will respring and you should see your installer app on your springboard.

blackra1n cydia installed

Step 9: Once your installer app (Cydia in our case) is installed. You can safely uninstall BlackRa1n by launching the app and selecting “uninstall balckra1n”.

uninstall blackra1n

Step 10: Reboot your iPhone. You’re done!

Explanations for iPhone Words and Phrases

  • Activation: iPhone is in an inactive state when purchased. It will show a picture of a cable and the iTunes logo, and the text Slide for emergency in various languages is shown at the bottom. It's supposed to be activated in iTunes when Apple verify that you have signed up for a phone plan, but the method described our tutorial will completely bypass this activation without involving Apple's checks.
  • Unlock SIM-lock: The iPhone is set up to only work with SIM-cards from the carrier you bought the phone with. If you insert any other SIM-card, you will get a message asking you to insert the correct SIM-card, and you will not get any signal - only empty signal bars. Unlocking the SIM-lock makes your iPhone, iPhone 3G og iPhone 3GS work with any SIM-card.
  • Jailbreak: The file system on the iPhone is locked, meaning that you cannot browse or change files and applications on the system partition of the iPhone. You can't install new applications either, without using App Store. The process of jailbreaking the phone unlocks the file system, so that you have full control of all files and applications on the phone. While jailbreaking it's normal to install Cydia or Rock, to make it easier to install new applications or tweaks without Apple's rather annoying restrictions. Jailbreak is also necessary in order to unlock the SIM-lock, and activate the iPhone
  • Cydia, Rock and Icy: These are third party applications that works somewhat like App Store, with a major difference: Any applications and tweaks can be published here, without going through Apples extremely strict and limited official way of distributing applications. You'll also find fixes for many common iPhone problems in these applications.
    Warning: Third party applications and tweaks are not always reliable, and may cause problems on your phone, or even make it stop working (following our tutorials will fix it again). We recommend that you only install applications or tweaks you have read reviews of on internet.
  • Home and Power buttons: The round button at the front bottom of the phone is called the Home button. The button at the top is called the Power button.
  • Firmware: This is the software that contains the operating system on your phone.


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